Is there any cure for HIV?

HIV With modern technology it seems like scientist and medical experts are coming closer to finding a cure for HIV. Exclusive research is being done as we speak.

Researchers used Radioimmunotherapy to kill the HIV virus. Blood sample of patients who have HIV were taken and treated with antiretroviral therapy. This treatment was proven to be effective. There is still a lot of research that needs to be done on HIV.

Research proves that there is a topical anti-fungal drug that causes HIV to kill it's self. According to

"The topical anti-fungal drug Ciclopirox causes HIV-infected cells to commit suicide by jamming up the cells' powerhouse, the mitochondria -- according to a study by researchers at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. And unlike current anti-HIV drugs, Ciclopirox completely eradicates infectious HIV from cell cultures, with no rebound of virus when the drug is stopped. The study has been published in the journal PLOS ONE"

How to tell my potential match I have HIV?

Q: I have been courting someone for the last two months. I intended to be friends, but we have become increasingly passionate to each other. We have kissed, cuddled and shared a bed, although we have not had any sex at all. My excuse was that he had undergone surgery and needed to heal, which was probably a good excuse at the time, but he has now healed.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a disagreement which I took out of proportion to get away from him, so I did not have to disclose my status. He has made contact and wants us to talk tomorrow. New Year's Eve. He was to express how much I mean to him. I really adore this man. He has all the qualities of a good man, except that I am not sure how he will react to my status.

I realize that I have to tell him, I think, before we go any further in this relationship.

How do I go about with this disclosure, particularly on New Year's Eve, when we have to talk really seriously about how we will manage this relationship.

A:  Before you talk to a potential partner it's important to do research and to be prepared to answer any questions the other person may have. Think about how you want to tell your partner about your situation. I suggest starting off by saying something positive. For example, "I'm happy with our relationship and I want to be with you but there is something I need to tell you". Always make eye contact, speak with a normal tone of voice and keep a positive attitude. A person's mood could influence a potential partner. Never tell a partner about your situation during the heat of the moment. If need always allow a partner time to think about his/her choice. Ideally you want to be alone with your partner when you have this talk.

I would suggest talking about ways to have safe sex. Telling a partner about your situation allows the other person to make a choice.