How an HIV-Positive Gay Person can find true love?

Let’s face it!

It doesn’t matter what age, sex, color or personality you have, finding true love is not a walk in the park. If you are really good looking, then invitations for sex might just come on a platter – but that is not true love! .

Find the right person, is quite difficult, and even more so when a person is living with HIV. But then it gets even more difficult when an HIV-positive gay person is looking for love.

In many places around the world, being gay is stigmatized, and so is being HIV-positive. A combination of both makes the chances of connecting with people pretty slim.

When disclosing your sexual orientation or diagnosis to someone, it is best to brace for rejection and this tendency to reject what they do not understand is not just rife amongst the straight people but also with gay people. It is not uncommon to find HIV-negative gay people stigmatizing the HIV-positive gay people. .

The irony, however, is that there’s a widely spread thought that HIV is a disease for gay people.

Regardless, as an HIV-positive person who also happens to be gay, the world or more particularly the love sphere is not closed to you. You can still find true love, doing the right things.

Here are some ways you can find true love as an HIV-Positive Gay Person:

Build yourself: Chances are that as an HIV-positive gay person, you constantly remind yourself of how unlovable you are. Well, it’s mind over matter, because this would eventually tell on you.

Your self-esteem would be crushed and then you would most likely ruin whatever dating and falling-in-love chances you ever have with someone.

Quit labeling yourself.

Sure, being gay and living with HIV comes with its challenges. But it doesn’t make you less of who you are. It’s like saying “Oh I am gay and I have malaria so I’m not loveable”. Keep in mind: you are you – not your diagnosis.

Take your mind off “finding the right one”: When you focus too hard on a thing, people can sense it and it often makes them seem like they’re time-bound to fit into your box. And as you would guess, they would run for the hills.

So instead of choosing to find a life partner as your mission in life, choose to have a quality life first.

Build a good friendship network: Everyone, whether straight, gay, HIV-negative, HIV-positive or HIV-positive gay – we all need people that care about us in our lives.

By building a good friendship network, you can have a solid foundation to share your experiences and get friendly advice. And with such solid foundations, you would be more open to the ups and downs of a relationship you are getting in one for companionship and not out of desperation or loneliness!

In the end, you should keep an open mind. It's not like all straight HIV-negative people are all in the relationships of their lives – and no, you would not go through life alone as an HIV-positive gay person.
Good luck!