Is there any good news for curing HIV?


Sorry, HIV and AIDS can not be ended till now. Fortunately, some antiviral or natural treatments and healthy lifestyle can control the virus and help infected people
to have a longer and better life. Medical workers have been working very hard to get closer and closer to a possible cure. With their endeavor, we know more and more
about HIV and AIDS.

Recently, many researchers pay much attention to finding a ‘functional cure'. When someone is announced functional cure, the HIV virus is hidden from a blood test and
can not cause illness, but it can not be completely removed from the body.

At this moment, to live a healthy life, people should have the test regularly. Take treatments provided by professional doctors if the virus is founded in your body.

Try to manage your stress by getting organized, learning to prioritize, seeking support from professionals loved ones, identifying what is stressful for you and trying to avoid them.