4 Tips about how new HIV+ GAY men live better with the virus and their partners

Sadly, there is a lot of prejudice attached to HIV, grown out of people who have little knowledge about its dissemination. To be an HIV+ and that too from an LGBT community could mean low self-esteem and lack of urge to live a happy life because of the ignorance of the general population. Recent surveys have suggested that people believe HIV to be drug addicts or gay problem. The blame is put on sex and drug abuse and it’s quite unfortunate.

Newly diagnosed individuals could feel overwhelmed and may not feel comfortable talking about it. But let me tell you one thing: There is nothing wrong with you and you have to keep it in your mind all the time. You have to resume your life just like normal individuals, and if you need a little inspiration on how to get started, read the following; you will feel better about yourself.

1. Talk to Your Partner
If you just got the news about being HIV+, the first thing you need to do is to talk to your partner about it. You can’t keep this from them. It’s all right to be nervous, but you got to tell him. But there is a way to tell it.

Don’t rush, nor panic. Stay calm. You are not the first one to contract it. Just make it as normal as possible. Don’t call him and say, “I have something very important to talk about”. Also, don’t interfere him when he is in the middle of something. You can talk to him about it while having a dinner or during a stroll down the road. Tell him something like this: “I got results from my doctor and it says I am HIV+; what do you have to say about it?” HIV is not a crime just remember that, and you also don’t need your partner's approval to be happy. Move on if they don't understand.

2. Work on a healthier routine
Take care of your health. Eat healthy food and start working out. A healthier body will help you overcome any negative thoughts and also give you more reasons to resume a normal life.

3. Take precautions while having sex
You will have to talk to your doctor about how to have sex with your partner. If you both are HIV+, then it’s a different thing. But make sure you have all the necessary knowledge about safe sex. Remember that you can have mind-blowing sex and live a romantic life; being HIV won’t change much.

4. You don’t owe apology to anyone
Be it your partner, parents or siblings, you don’t have to explain to them how you become HIV+. You don’t need anyone’s acceptance to love yourself. People, even your family or friends, could judge you for your sexual behaviors, so your best bet is to be around people who are going to make you happy. So if it requires you to dating with new HIV people in your life, don’t hesitate to look for them.